Monday, September 6, 2010

Pioneer Cemetary - Tami

Today I spent some time in Pioneer Cemetery in Lebanon, which was established in 1799. It was interesting seeing some of the headstones of families who had an impact on this area...well, at least they have a lot of things named after them around here. I wouldn't say the composition of these photos is particularly interesting or artsy, but the subject matter is cool.

The fence looks like it's been around since 1799!

These headstones are for some of the Corwin Family (a founding family). You can't tell from this persepective, but they are super sized.

This weeping willow design was popular on many headstones.

Two Revolutionary War soldiers

I like how Elizabeth's headstone refers to her as George's "consort."

While I was driving through town, I decided to take a few photos of Library Park, a cozy gazebo built outside our library. I took a couple of random pictures along the way.

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  1. I think you (again) got some really amazing shots. My favs? The grasshopper on the headstone and the one with the flag as well. I think that the close up of the face and the feet from the statues are really cool too.
    And I'm very fond of that weeping willow on the headstones, so I'll have to think about that for funeral planning in case I ever bother to do that ahead of time. Great photos Taminator!